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We're a branding agency in philadelphia

Our Branding Process

Inspired by our clients, the brands created by Good Bones Studio are informed, not by a style or trend, but rather by what will resonate with your end customers. As a branding agency in Philadelphia, we encourage active client collaboration in the design process to ensure your voice shines through. We engage in thoughtful discovery and research to layout a framework for your brand voice and strategy.

  • Discovery
    Getting to know you and your business.

    We will have strategic conversations to identify your goals, your current positioning, and the ins and outs of your daily business. At the end of this phase, we deliver a document that outlines our summary and strategy moving forward.

  • Concepts
    Producing high fidelity, fully contextualized branding concepts.

    Seeing is believing. That’s why every Good Bones concept includes a vectorized logo, lock up variations, color palette, type design, and graphic mockups for you to compare and consider.

  • Refinement
    Incorporating feedback and achieving perfection.

    We work with you to refine every aspect of the concept over the course of rounds of feedback and revisions. At the end of this phase you’ll have a Branding Guidelines Document, Brand Asset Library, and the collateral to get started.

Logo Design
Your logo will be the keystone of your brand and it will need to stand the test of time.

That’s why we base all of our design solutions on a concept first, style second approach. We believe that laying down strong conceptual foundation will prolong the life of your visual identity and establish long term brand recognition.

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