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Lifestyle + Travel Branding

Travelers looking for luxury getaways or curated experiences will often begin their searches months in advance. When our national pause eventually ends, people will be eager to make up for lost time, and a branded travel listing will rise to the top of their destination wishlists. Our travel portfolio includes branding, packaging, website design and more.

Rental Property Branding & Collateral
Event Branding & Marketing Materials
Custom Badge Design & Illustration

Collateral Design, Hawk & Mesa

Branding your property elevates your listing in the minds of vacationers looking for a memorable experience.

It’s no longer enough to simply advertise on platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. We help our clients craft a message and visual identity to give others a sense of curation and attention to detail they can expect upon arrival.

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Beer Festival Promotion, Snowmass
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Building anticipation for public events starts with branded promotional materials and a user-friendly website.

Designing unique and eye-catching graphics capture the imaginations of attendees looking for a great escape. We craft a message and visual identity across a host of collateral and printed marketing materials.

Digital Badges, Norfolk Southern

Inspire hearts and minds with custom badges and illustrations.

We specialize in designing both physical patches and digital badge series that capture the essence of a location or activity. Many of our clients utilize illustrative badges as a way to promote attendance for events or to raise donations for worthy causes.

Embroidered Patches, PA Patch Co.
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What happens after the project is finished?

We make sure you have all the tools you need including asset files and brand guidelines. Some of our clients choose to continue working with us to further refine and develop brand materials.

Will I be able to add or edit content on my website after it’s launched?

It will be important for you to keep your website up to date with news about your business. All of our sites have a CMS (content management system) that allows our clients to easily build custom blog posts or add additional products to their eCommerce pages.

Can you help with the name of our company or product?

Absolutely! Good Bones can incorporate a name discovery phase into the branding engagement to help you make such an important decision before moving into design.

Can you help us with our social media?

We are more than happy to design templates for graphics and brand all of your social media accounts. If you are looking for a deeper social media strategy, we can connect you to one of our social media consultant partners to guide you.