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Healthcare + Wellness Branding

Companies developing Health and Wellness technologies require stand-out brand identities to communicate complex topics and break through the noise of “get-well quick” alternatives. Our healthcare branding portfolio includes logos, marketing materials, website design and more.

Deep Industry Analysis & Focused UX
Holistic Platform & Product Branding
Website Design & Development

Website & Collateral, Laborfirst

Our clients are developing new and exciting therapies, products, and platforms that benefit a growing audience looking for the best care for them and their families.

Technology is an essential tool in the ever shifting health and wellness industries, and we have experience designing brands for a variety of healthcare innovations from genetic-based addiction therapies to senior living services management.

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Website, Product Design, & Logo Animation, Juniper

Companies working in various health fields need a design partner who is dedicated to deep industry analysis and a comprehensive understanding of their product or services.

We take the time to listen, engage, and research the ins and outs of even the most complex subjects. We work to translate the problem you’re solving to its most authentic message, and then design for your audience through age and disability minded user interfaces and positive user experiences.

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App Brand & Illustration, Mado

A visual identity needs to penetrate not only on a marketing level but anywhere your product is experienced.

Whether you have a dream scribbled on a napkin or a fully formed prototype, we can step in at any stage to guide your brand across several platforms. We have helped our clients develop a visual brand in tandem with the design of their product. In many cases our brand discovery sessions illuminate new offerings or refine existing services.

Mobile Website, Genovese Medical

Your website is the first step an audience will take on their path to better health.

By creating a meaningful and informative online presence you can make people’s lives easier by laying out the issues and giving them the tools to make it better. We’ve designed everything from informational web sites, online portals, and even entire healthcare exchanges. We have a depth of knowledge in a variety of technologies including custom CMS or Salesforce integrations.

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Can you help with the name of our company or product?

Absolutely! Good Bones can incorporate a name discovery phase into the branding engagement to help you make such an important decision before moving into design.

How long does a branding engagement last?

Depending on the scope of a client’s unique requirements, a branding engagement takes about 4-6 weeks from discovery through delivery of branding guidelines and logo assets.

How long does it take to build a website?

How quickly we can design and develop a website depends on how much customization a client requires. Smaller, templatized sites can be up and running in a matter of weeks, while custom, multi-page sites can take a couple of months from start to finish.

What happens after the project is finished?

We make sure you have all the tools you need including asset files and brand guidelines. Some of our clients choose to continue working with us to further refine and develop brand materials.